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Nude Fishtail Braid

25 Jan

I’ve only done a few fishtail braids and each time I get about a third of the way through it and think, “This looks awful,” and almost quit.  It always seems to come together in the end though.FishtailBraid_nude (5) WLcopyI’m not in love with the color choices here.  I wish I’d omitted one of the browns.  I should’ve done either two darks or two lights, not one of each.  Oh well.  I love the holo though.  It’s OPI DS Classic.

FishtailBraid_nude (8) WLcopy

The other two polishes I used were Sinful Colors Nirvana and Jordana Chiffon.  I topped it off with Chill Zone top coat.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fishtail Braid

10 Oct

While I have more Halloween themed manis to show you, I thought I’d take a pause from the ghosts and goblins in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I pulled out a bunch of my pink polishes and went to work. I got about a third of the way through this and just about bagged it. I didn’t think the colors were coming together very well. Soft pinks always require multiple coats to be opaque, so the fact that some of my stripes are somewhat see through bothered me. I would have taken it right off if the polish on my other hand hadn’t been wet. I’m glad I waited because after thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to see it through to the end and I’m happy with the results.

My darkest pink is Sally Hansen Hypnotic Pink, which I’ve had since I was in my early teens I believe. That’s a long time. The lightest is Sinful Colors Easy Going and the two middle of the roads are OPI Pink Friday and Milani Pink Hottie.

Do you plan to do any BCA designs? Do you do your monthly self checks? I’m more of a semi-annual self checker myself. I need to be better about it.

Twinsie Tuesday: Secret Copycat

11 Sep

This week we’re doing something different.  We each got randomly and secretly matched up with another TT member.  We were to choose one of their manis to imitate.  I’m not sure if we’re still supposed to keep it a secret and make you guess, or if we can spill the beans.  I won’t tell you just yet.

I looked through this person’s blog trying to decide which mani I wanted to try.  I chose this one because I’d never done the fishtail braid design and I loved her color combo.

I started with Sally Hansen Ivy League on all my nails.  For the fishtail design, I added Elle Riviera Blue and NYX Girls Moonwalk.  This is a really easy design that requires no special tools, my favorite kind of nail art.

I hope my secret TT sister has figured out who she is.  Do you have any guesses before I reveal her identity?

If you guessed Cordia from Seriously Swatched, you’re right!  This is her mani that inspired me today.  Now let’s see if I can correctly guess who had me! 😉

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Orly Halley’s Comet Fishtail

20 Jul

Halley’s Comet was just begging to be teamed up with black.  Being that this color reminds me so much of a mermaid’s tail, I decided a fishtail mani would be appropriate.

I personally see the top of a heart when I look at this design, but what do I know. 😉

I added China Glaze Liquid Leather to the tip of each nail, then to accent my index and middle fingers, added another fishtail of Halley’s Comet.

I love how different Halley’s Comet looks over black.  The green is much stronger when it’s layered over black.  So pretty!  I actually wore this for several day, I loved it so much.

Independence Day Mish Mash Mani

4 Jul

Let Freedom Ring! Happy Independence Day to all my USA readers out there!  I’ll try to keep it short as I’m sure you all have plenty of celebrating to do.

So that my hands would match for my holiday celebrating, I did a red, white and blue themed mish mash on my right hand as well.  This one didn’t come together quite as easily being that I was doing it all with my non-dominant hand.  I’m still very happy with how it turned out.

My thumb is Color Club Reddy or Not, Sally Hansen White On and China Glaze Dorothy Who?.  The design is pretty self explanatory, although, it turned out looking a bit like eyeballs, which was not intentional.  Oh well.  My index finger is OPI DS Magic with red and silver striping tape.  The white striping tape was a bit transparent and didn’t really show up.

My middle finger is Color Club Reddy or Not, Sally Hansen Snow Blast Crackle and Jordana Smooth Blue.  Evidently this design has been coined a “fishtail.”  My ring finger is simply China Glaze Dorothy Who?.  It’s so beautiful all on it’s own, I decided not to add anything to it.

My pinkie is, again, Color Club Reddy or Not with Sally Hansen White On in a polish string art design.  This is such a fun technique.  Be sure to try it out if you haven’t already.  Each nail was finished off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast then Jordana Quick Shine.  There you have it ladies!  For those of you that are celebrating today, have a wonderful and safe 4th!  For those of you outside the USA, have a fantastic Wednesday!

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