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Crackle Mosaic

31 Aug

I recently found a new blog and fell in love with this post.

Hers is a hundred times better than mine, but either way, I love it!  I wish I had used more of my crackle/shatter polishes though.

After I painted my nail with Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, I just started glopping them on.  I guess they’re not really glopped, or they wouldn’t crack, but I think you know what I mean.  I will definitely be trying this one again!

My crackle polishes are OPI Blue Shatter, Sally Hansen Snow Blast Crackle, Jordana Black Crackle, China Glaze Fault Line and the bright pink shimmer crackle is an unnamed Icing polish.  It has a label, but there’s no name on it.

Shimmer Linna

30 Aug

I’ve got another Shimmer Polish to show you today.  This one is Linna.  It’s very much a green/teal colored glitter with splashes of other colors thrown in there for extra sparkle.

I layered this over Milani Fresh Teal.

My pinkie doesn’t have a base color so you can see what two coats of Linna looks like all by itself.

Head over to Shimmer Polish to have a look at all of Cindy’s fabulous polishes!

*This polish was sent to me for review by Shimmer Polish.

Sinful Colors Dream On and Lynnderella Connect the Dots

29 Aug

I’ve had Lynnderella Connect the Dots for months now, and this is only the second time I’ve worn it.  Why?!  I don’t have an answer.  This is a polish that deserves to be worn.

The only thing I can come up with is that, it’s a pricy, hard to get polish, so I’m scared of wasting it.  I’m in love with my base color.  I picked up Sinful Colors Dream On the other day while at WalMart.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a matte polish.  I rarely wear matte finishes, but I do love them.  They look soft and dry fast.

I only put one coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast over this mani so it was a bit rough.  I found myself picking at the glitters because I could feel them under my top coat.  It was my fault for not taming my glitter with a thicker top coat.  Beautiful combo, nonetheless.

Twinsie Tuesday: Color Blocking

28 Aug

Hello Ladies!  Today we’re playing with color blocking.  I’m a big fan of color blocked manis.  I love the straight lines and geometric angles.  Today, I got my color palate from the t-shirt I was wearing that I got for $6 at JCPenny.  It wasn’t even on clearance.  I love JCP.

I did a neon mani just like this a couple months ago.  I loved it, so I duplicated the layout and just chose new colors; fall-ish colors.

I used Essie Alligator Purse, one of my new favorite colors, Jordana Chiffon and Sinful Colors Amethyst.  I used a new top coat today that I purchased from Etsy.  It’s called HK Girl Clear Top Coat.  The Glisten and Glow shop appears to be down right now.  I’m just getting an error page.  I don’t know if the shop is closed, or if Etsy is just having a problem.  I was introduced to this top coat by a reader.  So far, I like it.  I applied very smoothly, was fast drying and has great shine.  It really reminds me of Poshe.  I’m going to try to wear this mani for a couple of days to give the top coat a test drive.  I’ll try to remember to update you on my overall impression of HK Girl’s top coat.

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Neon Broadway

27 Aug

Another neon?  I know, I know.  Neons are hot.  What can I say?

The first time I posted a design like this I mentioned that it reminded me of theater lights.  I had a comment that it looked like Broadway lights and absolutely agreed.  Broadway it is!  For some reason I see traffic lights as well; a little more obscure maybe, but still, traffic lights.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about lots of neon combinations lately so I’ve been trying to get it all out of my system.  I hate to say this, but I really can’t remember which white polish I used for this.  How lame is that?  I’m pretty sure it was Julep Brigitte, but I’m not positive.  The yellow is NYX Girls Bubble Gum.  Purple is Milani Rad Purple.  My pink is NYX Girls Pink Strawberry.  The blue is Milani Fresh Teal and the orange is NYX Girls Hot Orange.

Aside from the dots of course, this is a design that can be done with the bottle brush.  Ooh!  I just thought of another variation of this design.  I’ll file that away for another day. 🙂

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