Archive | July, 2011

Pink and Brown Water Marble

28 Jul

I didn’t like this water marble, so I painted silver glitter polish over it and that made it worse.  I took it off the same day I did it.  What a waste of polish.

Blue and Purple Water Marble

17 Jul

This blue was really more of a aqua color, but it ended up looking more blue.  I should’ve done a base color of the aqua instead of white.  Lesson learned.  When doing a water marble paint your base color which ever color you want to pop the most.

My First Successful Water Marble

12 Jul

After a couple failed attempts at water marbling, I watched some tutorials at My Simple Little Pleasures and this is what I came out with.  It takes a bit of practice and patience, a lot of polish and a bit of clean up.  They’re fun to do every now and again.

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