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Twinsie Tuesday: Canadian’s Choice

6 Nov

This week we’re having a little fun.  We have two Canadian Twinsie Tuesday members and this week we let them call the shots.  We split the group up in to two and each of our Canadian sisters was in charge of telling us what kind of mani we were to do for today.  I was on Ashley’s team and she decided we were all to do a winter themed mani.  I’m not much for cold weather myself.  Well, really it’s the ice I hate.  I don’t mind the cold temperatures or even the snow, but I really hate the ice.  It scares me to drive in slick conditions.  My car is all-wheel drive, but I still crawl when there is snow on the roads.

Anyway, I didn’t get super creative.  I decided to do some snow falling at night.  I love watching big, fat, fluffy flakes falling.  🙂  Was that enough “f’s” for you?  I didn’t plan it, it just came out that way.

I did a snowflake mani last year, but they were big snowflakes, so this time I tried to be uber delicate and make tiny ones.  I didn’t photograph my thumb, but it’s sporting some pretty tiny snowflakes.  My night sky polish is NYX Jungle with NYX Girls White for my snowflakes.

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Color Club Port-Folio

27 Sep

Ha ha!  I just typed Color Blub!  LOL!  Betcha didn’t know they had changed their name, did ya?  Seriously though, I’m sooo happy I found this color!

I went swap shopping a few days ago and couldn’t help but buy a few for myself as well.  There is only one shop in my area that I know of that sells Color Club.  I made a special trip over there to see what I could find.

I think duochromes have become my favorite finish when it comes to a full ten finger manicure.  Port-Folio is a grapey purple polish with a green shimmer.  I posted a bunch of pictures because I just couldn’t decide which ones to eliminate.  Too pretty!

Whoa!  Look at that bright flash of green!  In love!

Zoya Gemma

17 Sep

I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!  I’m so glad that I chose to order this polish when Zoya had their BOGO promotion.  It took a couple weeks for the order to arrive in the mail, so I’d forgotten what I’d ordered.

When I opened my package and pulled Gemma out, I looked at it for a second and though, “Why did I order this one?”  Then I saw the duochrome shimmer.  Oh yeah, that’s why.

Gemma is a light olive green color with a blue/purple shimmer mixed in.  Despite the fact that green, blue and purple are all cool colors, I think the shimmer warms the green up a bit and softens the shock of a green polish.

It applied smoothly and had full coverage in two coats.  There’s nothing not to love about this polish.

Whether you love or hate greens, you should try Gemma.  I love it!  L.O.V.E.

The Claw

13 Jul

I don’t know that this is really called “the claw,” but that’s what it resembles to me, so that’s what I’m calling it.

This is China Glaze Liquid Leather over Orly Space Cadet from yesterday.  I knew Space Cadet would look fantastic paired with black.

This is a really easy design to do.  It’s one of those that only requires the bottle brush to do.  I love designs like that.  No cleaning brushes or dotting tools when you’re done.

Look at that color shift Space Cadet has going on!  Love it!

What do you guys think of “the claw?”

Orly Space Cadet

12 Jul

Oh my!  I think it’s been a while since I posted this many pictures of any one manicure, but this was just one of those polishes that dazzled me and I couldn’t help myself.  Orly Space Cadet.

When I first saw this polish at Beauty Stop Online I thought it was quite the beauty, but that stock photo had nothing on the actual polish itself. When it arrived in the mail, I took one look at it and couldn’t wait for the chance to try it on.

Space Cadet is from the Orly Cosmic FX line.  They describe it as a “mauvey plum with green and gold undertones.”  My very first thought when I applied the first stroke was that this must be what fairy dust looks like.  Seriously Ladies, it’s that fabulous.  No joke.

I applied it over my naked nail so I could get and show a true representation of what it looks like on.  Although, I’m really curious to see what it looks like over black.  The micro glitter is suspended in a base that looks like it’s a teal color; very subtle, but definitely there.  Enlarge the pictures and you can see the blueish hue at the very tip of my nails.

The color change is phenomenal.  It flashes from a pinkish-purple to a yellowy gold to an almost chartreuse color.  I love how in the picture above, the pink and yellow color change is split just about down the middle of my nails.  It almost looks like two different polishes.  So pretty.

The formula and application was a dream.  Not so thin that it flooded my cuticles or so thick that is was difficult to apply.  Just perfect.  Two coats was all I needed for full coverage.  I’m really impressed with this polish and am absolutely in love with it.  Seriously, if you don’t already have this in your stash, I strongly encourage you to grab it.

•This polish was sent to me for review by Beauty Stop Online.

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