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Starry Sky

24 Aug

Please excuse my dry cuticles.  I was camping (sort of).  Really I was staying in a nice cabin, but why would I bring my cuticle oil with me to Yellowstone?

This mani was a process.  I started with the light blue base color, then sponged black on to my tips.  Over that I painted China Glaze Dorothy Who, but that wasn’t sparkly enough for me so I painted some silver glitter polish over the top of it.  Then I used the end of a toothpick to dot on some white for bigger stars and top coated it.  There were so many layers that my nails felt like they were acrylic.  This was really pretty.  I actually got a compliment from a man working at the KOA near the cabin.  I found it odd that he even noticed, but gladly accepted the kind words.

Zebra Water Marble

20 Aug

I’m calling this my zebra water marble.  I don’t know if it’s a very convincing zebra or just a black and white water marble, but I liked it.

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