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Attention Getters

20 Feb

Nothing grabs peoples’ attention quite like a flaming red manicure.GlitterGradient_red_purple (10) WLcopySunday morning getting ready to head out the door and all 20 nails were naked.  Can you even believe that?  No mani or pedi!  And I wanted to wear peep toe pumps so going out with naked toes was unacceptable.  I rushed this paint job.  All 20 digits got a coat or two of Sinful Colors GoGo Girl.  It’s one of my brightest reds.  It tows the line between a jelly and a creme.  It really is a beautiful polish.GlitterGradient_red_purple (11) WLcopyTo add that extra oomph I added some OPI DS Temptation on my ring fingers and thumbs.

I Heart Cherries

15 Feb

How cute is this?  Heart cherries.HeartCherries (9) WLcopyThis makes me feel happy and springy. Winter seems like it’s lasting forever! I want spring!  That’s all.

HeartCherries (19) WLcopyI used Wet ‘n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and Sally Hansen White Out along with a few acrylics.

Valentine’s Funky French

11 Feb

This is a little more mature than looking than I feel like suits me.  It started out a little aimless and this is what came out of it.FunkyFrench_Valentines (4) WLcopyMy favorite part of this design is the little peek-a-boo baby heart on my thumb.  It was an afterthought, but I think it’s the best part.

FunkyFrench_Valentines (8) WLcopy

I used OPI Do You Lilac It for my purple tips and acrylic paints for the rest.  I topped this off with HK Girl top coat.

Sealed With a Kiss

8 Feb

I’m having fun coming up with Valentine’s manis.  I didn’t do many lovey dovey designs last year and I think I’m making up for it.Valentines_sealedwithakiss (3) WLcopyThis is the first time I’ve tried lips. I need to practice a bit more I think.  I like them anyway.

Valentines_sealedwithakiss (15) WLcopy

I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, Sally Hansen White On and Milani Fresh Teal along with white and red acrylics.

Valentine’s Heart French

6 Feb

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about designs with hearts.Heart_french (11) WLcopyWhile I don’t do french manicures very often, I really love the look of them. They feel very classy and sophisticated to me. This is definitely a bit more playful then the traditional white tip.

Heart_french (15) WLcopyI used Color Club Edie for my tip and acrylics for the hearts and dots.

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