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Blue and Black Dotticure

27 Feb

It’s been a while since I did a chevron so I decided to do the dotticure version.Dotticure_blue_black (1) WLcopyI love the combination of black and aqua-ish blue.  I used Wet ‘n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint and black acrylic.

Dotticure_blue_black (6) WLcopyHow do you like my short little nubby nails?  I’ve been trying to keep them a little shorter lately, but I broke my middle nail pretty low and there was nothing I could do but shorten them all.  Oh well.  They grow pretty fast, so they’ll be back to normal in a week.

Leopard Vgap

18 Feb

This mani is 100% inspired by my hair.  Several weeks ago I showed you that I’d had my sister put leopard panels in my hair.  While I miss the vibrant purple and red of my coon tails, I love how unique the leopard is.  I’ve literally had people stop mid sentence to ask me about my hair. leopard_hairWL

Leopard_vgap (5) WLcopyI started out doing a full leopard mani, then freehanded in the brown to represent my hair with the leopard peeking out from behind it. I used OPI Swedish Nude as my base color, black and burnt orange acrylics for the spots and Finger Paints Sketchy Character is the brown.

Leopard_vgap (12) WLcopyI can’t imagine that I’ll ever tire of leopard prints in general.  It truly is my favorite mani and I love rendering people speechless with my unexpected hair.  Now I just need to get my self the pair of leopard TOMS I’ve been eyeballing and I’ll be set.

Sealed With a Kiss

8 Feb

I’m having fun coming up with Valentine’s manis.  I didn’t do many lovey dovey designs last year and I think I’m making up for it.Valentines_sealedwithakiss (3) WLcopyThis is the first time I’ve tried lips. I need to practice a bit more I think.  I like them anyway.

Valentines_sealedwithakiss (15) WLcopy

I used China Glaze Liquid Leather, Sally Hansen White On and Milani Fresh Teal along with white and red acrylics.

Not Too Cutesy Valentine’s Mani

7 Feb

I wore this mani for several days.  I loved it so much!  Valentines_pink_black_white (6) WLcopyI decided to deviate a little from the red color palate and go with pink instead. Black dials the cute factor down a bit; give it a little edge.

Valentines_pink_black_white (20) WLcopyI used Zoya Lola and China Glaze Liquid Leather along with white and black acrylics.

Black and Green

4 Feb

I recently bought a shirt that is fat stripes of army green and black. I love it. One day while wearing it, I decided to use it as my inspiration.Stripes_roses_green_black (2) WLcopyMy shirt doesn’t have any roses on it, but I didn’t want to do all stripes on my nails and man, am I glad I decided against that. I don’t know if it was my tape or something to do with the China Glaze Liquid Leather I was using, but each time I tried to peel the tape off after polishing, the tape would break. It was strange. It just snapped on in little pieces like it had been scored or something. Fortunately my green polish, OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window was pretty dry so shoving a pin under the tape to peel off the left over parts didn’t ruin the base color. It did however ruin the black stripes. Rather than bagging the whole mani and taking it off, I went in with a striping brush and fixed the damage as best I could. Stripes_roses_green_black (7) WLcopyOverall, I’m pleased with this mani. I didn’t use new or different tape than I’ve been using, so I can only figure that that tape and Liquid Leather don’t play well together. Has anyone else had issues like this? It’s like the polish weakened the tape or something. Bizarre.

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