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Black and Green

4 Feb

I recently bought a shirt that is fat stripes of army green and black. I love it. One day while wearing it, I decided to use it as my inspiration.Stripes_roses_green_black (2) WLcopyMy shirt doesn’t have any roses on it, but I didn’t want to do all stripes on my nails and man, am I glad I decided against that. I don’t know if it was my tape or something to do with the China Glaze Liquid Leather I was using, but each time I tried to peel the tape off after polishing, the tape would break. It was strange. It just snapped on in little pieces like it had been scored or something. Fortunately my green polish, OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window was pretty dry so shoving a pin under the tape to peel off the left over parts didn’t ruin the base color. It did however ruin the black stripes. Rather than bagging the whole mani and taking it off, I went in with a striping brush and fixed the damage as best I could. Stripes_roses_green_black (7) WLcopyOverall, I’m pleased with this mani. I didn’t use new or different tape than I’ve been using, so I can only figure that that tape and Liquid Leather don’t play well together. Has anyone else had issues like this? It’s like the polish weakened the tape or something. Bizarre.

Twinsie Tuesday: Special Edition

31 Jan

Wait, isn’t today Thursday?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Welcome to a special edition of Twinsie Tuesday.  Today marks the one year anniversary of the first ever TT post.  It snuck up on me.  To commemorate, we’re all revisiting our first TT post.  I’ve been here from the beginning, so my first post was an international polish.

Rose_mint_red (3) WLcopyI don’t have many international polishes, but I originally chose Barry M Mint Green. Of course I had to do something a little different with it this time around. Red wasn’t the most obvious choice to pair with mint green, but I think it’s pretty.

Rose_mint_red (7) WLcopy

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Spring Flowers

10 Jan

Oh how much I’m wishing for spring. I’m sick of the cold and the dry itchy skin.Flowers (6) WLcopyThis isn’t the first time I’ve taken my inspiration from a tissue box. I’ve had a bit of a head cold, so I’ve been spending lots of time looking at tissue boxes. Flowers (11) WLcopyI started with a base color of Julep Alyson. The rest of my colors are Zoya Robyn and Arizona, Color Club Edie, Sinful Colors Timbleberry and CND Asphalt. Flowers (16) WLcopy

Christmas Floral

24 Dec

Happy Christmas eve everyone!! I hope you’re all ready for Christmas tomorrow, as you’re pretty much out of time. I’m super excited!

I was so happy to see Mr. Candiipants “grown up floral” tutorial video.  I have always loved designs like this, but was too scared to try my hand at them.  Her tutorial really helped.Christmas_floral (8) WLcopyI practiced a bit on paper first. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with myself.

Christmas_floral (9) WLcopyI used acrylics for these because I new polish would dry up too fast. This was fairly slow going for me as it was a new design. I love it though and am already thinking of different color combination to try it in.

Christmas_floral (10) WLcopyWhat do you think of this grown up floral? Do you think you’ll try it?

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