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Have Polish, Will Travel

25 Apr

I spent last weekend out in the Denver area for a quick visit to some family.  These were my traveling nails.  I thought some heavy glittered tips would wear pretty well.  I was wrong.

Airports and luggage and hotels are tough on a manicure.  I did my nails the night before we left and I had a small chip before the night ended.  The polish probably wasn’t dry, but still, a bad start.  Of course most of the tip wear and chips were really only visible to me.  For our flight home, we got to the airport pretty early so we sat in the terminal for a long time.  Boredom + an already chipped mani= I picked most of my polish off while waiting for our flight.  I should’ve taken a picture of the aftermath.  It was pretty bad.

The next morning when I took the remnants of my polish off, my nails were stained.  I had to bust out my whitening toothpaste and do a bit of scrubbing.  Not all of it came off, but it was much improved.  Oh, you wanna know what polishes I used?  This is Milani Rad Purple and OPI Rainbow Connection topped with Poshe.

Milani Pink Hottie

13 Apr

I can’t get enough of these neon polishes I picked up the last week.  I just keep thinking of different things to do with them.  I like this one so much I polished all ten fingers with it.  I give you Milani Pink Hottie.

I never thought I would love a neon polish so much!  I think this could be my go to polish for summer.  The application was nice and smooth and two coats was just right.  It dries with a matte-ish finish; not quite matte, but not really glossy either.  A quick top coat and it’s all shined up.  It photographed more coral than it actually is.  It’s a bright, bubble gum pink.  I love it!

Another Half Moon

9 Dec

I didn’t realize China Glaze Phat Santa was a jelly until I put it over a glitter.  I love that you can see hints of the glitter through the red.While this isn’t one of my official Christmas manicures, it does look pretty festive.  It’s a little hard to get a reinforcement sticker to glitter.  I had to put a top coat on it just to smooth it out enough to get the sticker to stay put.

It turned out beautifully!  I heart it.

Glitter on Glitter

14 Nov

Can you see my stripes?

The base color is the Milani Gold Glitz from earlier today with Jordana Pop Art The Stylist; a copper glitter.

It’s really subtle, but so so pretty!

Day 14- 30 Days of Untrieds: Milani Gold Glitz

14 Nov

Milani Gold Glitz:  I’m in love with this polish!  It’s a 1 coater, even says so on the bottle.  I used 2 coats, but 1 looked pretty darn good.  It’s such a warm toned gold and went on super smooth.  LOVE it!  Go getcha some!

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