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Edward Cullen

21 Jul

So, I’m a little late jumping on to this bandwagon, but I think I’m in love with Edward Cullen.  😉

I never had any desire to read the Twilight series.  A couple weeks ago Twilight was on TV.  I watched it out of curiosity.  The movie wasn’t good, but it definitely peeked my interest.  I bought the ebook and have been hooked.  I quickly read all four books and watched all four movies.  The movies get better as they go.  Twilight is favorite book though.

The way Stephenie Meyer describes vampire skin made me think of Glitter Gal Light as a Feather.  I had to play with it.

I sponged some Zoya Cynthia (dark teal) and Zoya Petra (dark, dusty purple) on to the tips of my nails then a tiny bit of Wet ‘n Wild On a Trip to add a little extra purple.  Then I added a couple coats of Light as a Feather over the top.  Can any Twihards guess what the sponging is supposed to represent?

If you guessed the dark circles under Edward’s eyes, you are right!  While this isn’t an obvious, in your face Twilight tribute, I’m sure the true fans will understand it.  I feel silly saying that.  This was a bandwagon I didn’t ever want to be on and I feel like this is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.  Regardless, I’m enjoying the ride.

Have Polish, Will Travel

25 Apr

I spent last weekend out in the Denver area for a quick visit to some family.  These were my traveling nails.  I thought some heavy glittered tips would wear pretty well.  I was wrong.

Airports and luggage and hotels are tough on a manicure.  I did my nails the night before we left and I had a small chip before the night ended.  The polish probably wasn’t dry, but still, a bad start.  Of course most of the tip wear and chips were really only visible to me.  For our flight home, we got to the airport pretty early so we sat in the terminal for a long time.  Boredom + an already chipped mani= I picked most of my polish off while waiting for our flight.  I should’ve taken a picture of the aftermath.  It was pretty bad.

The next morning when I took the remnants of my polish off, my nails were stained.  I had to bust out my whitening toothpaste and do a bit of scrubbing.  Not all of it came off, but it was much improved.  Oh, you wanna know what polishes I used?  This is Milani Rad Purple and OPI Rainbow Connection topped with Poshe.

NYX Ink + Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings

16 Apr

Did anyone notice the change I made to my blog over the weekend?  It’s small, but a big deal.  I’ve got my own domain!  I’m now officially TopCoatIt.com.  Yeehaw!  Update your bookmarks people!

Oh man, I love this layering combination!  I’ve had Cauldron Drippings for a few months now and haven’t ever really found the opportunity to use it.  I couldn’t think of the perfect polish to use it over; until now.

I give you NYX Ink.  I would call this a cobalt, blue jelly.  It’s gorgeous!  The only other time I had used this polish was when I made my first franken, Starry Starry Sky.  Ink was my predominant color in that creation.  A negative of Ink?  It stained my nails.  An extra coat of base coat probably would’ve solved that.  The worst staining was where the polish went outside my base coat.  I had to bust out the whitening toothpaste and nail brush.  A good scrub and almost all of the blue was gone and my nails were minty fresh. 🙂

The first time I saw a swatch of Cauldron Drippings I was in love!  I’m not a crazy glitter lady, but I couldn’t resist this one.  The orange got me.  Orange glitter isn’t something that can be layered over just any polish.  I try not to pick the obvious choice for polish colors in situations like this, so it took me a while to decide how to use it.

I was tempted to do this as a full mani, but was glad I didn’t do it once I realized how much Ink stains.  When I use it again, I’ll double or triple up on my base coat.

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