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Saran Wrap Turquoise

9 Jan

While I’m not partial to these earrings myself, I thought this would make a fun design to try on my nails.

SaranWrap_torquoise_gold (9) WLcopyI have done turquoise designs before and used an acid wash technique to achieve the look.  Having just tried the Saran wrap technique I decided to try it here.

SaranWrap_torquoise_gold (10) WLcopy

I’m really pleased with the turquoise look that resulted.  I added the gold lines with acrylic paint.SaranWrap_torquoise_gold (11) WLcopy

Gold Leaf

2 Jan

This isn’t really gold leafing, but the design looks like leaves to me and it’s gold paint, sooo…Blue_gold (4) WLcopyColor Club Gossip Column is a phenomenal blue.  I would call it a deeply pigmented, dusty blue; leaning towards teal.  I don’t know if that even makes sense.  The gold is acrylic.  These two colors are fabulous together and I’m loving the leafy pattern.Blue_gold (10) WLcopy

It looks very regal, don’t you think?

Twinsie Tuesday: Christmas

25 Dec

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope Santa made it to your homes and that you’re all safe and happy celebrating with loved ones.  That’s what I will be spending my day doing.  I didn’t go crazy with my Christmas manis this year.  I kept them simple and a little more grown up.  I guess I was feeling more sophisticated this year. 🙂

Christmas_mistletoe (7) WLcopyI really like this gold mistletoe.  I could just hold my hand up over my head and get all sorts of kisses from the hubs and our little one.  I didn’t really try that, but I bet it would have worked.

Christmas_mistletoe (15) WLcopyMy base polish was Revlon Rain Forest.  This is the first time I’ve used it.  It’s a deep, almost black base with green glitters in it.  Very pretty.  My mistletoe leaves and berries were acrylic.  I’m loving gold lately.  I need to find me a good gold polish with good coverage.  Maybe a foil.  Any recommendations for a gold foil polish?  I love the coverage I get out of OPI DS Radiance which is a silver foil.  I’d like something like that in gold.

Christmas_mistletoe (17) WLcopyMerry Christmas again everyone!  Or Happy Holidays if you celebrate the season in a different way.

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Happy Thanksgiving Mani

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!  I hope you’re all celebrating with loved ones and yummy food.

I’ll keep it short today.  I chose the colors for this mani based on my chosen Thanksgiving Day festivities outfit.  My right and left hand manis don’t usually match, but on special occasions I go with a full ten finger design.

I had something different planned, but when I tested SOPI Blasted Gold with another color to see how they worked together, I learned it’s a crackle.  I bought it from a blog sale and had no idea it was a crackle.  I already own a gold crackle and never would have given it a second glance had I realized that.  Oh well.

I still loved the tone of this gold and wanted to use it anyway, so I changed my game plan.  I used Essie Chocolate Cakes and polished SOPI Blasted Gold over the top of three fingers.  On my middle and ring fingers I polished with Sinful Colors Mint Apple, sponged on some Blasted Gold and added some Chocolate Cakes polka dots.

I’m completely in love with the results!  Especially the middle and ring fingers.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  have a wonderful holiday.

Baby Blue and Gold Cloud

21 Nov

It’s been a while since I did a cloud mani.  I still need a little practice doing it with my left hand.

Stephanie emailed me asking about combos to do with NOPI Disco Dolls.  I don’t have Disco Dolls, but from googling it my Milani Gold Glitz was a good substitute.  Black is always the first color I think to pair gold with.  I love the contrast, but it is quite bold and dramatic.

Pairing Gold Glitz with Essie Borrowed and Blue is a much softer look.  I actually grabbed several different colors from my stash that would go great with this flashy gold glitter.  Purples and blues are pretty safe bets.

What do you think of this baby blue and gold combo?  While I think it works for every day wear, it could also pass for a prom or wedding look.

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