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Leopard Vgap

18 Feb

This mani is 100% inspired by my hair.  Several weeks ago I showed you that I’d had my sister put leopard panels in my hair.  While I miss the vibrant purple and red of my coon tails, I love how unique the leopard is.  I’ve literally had people stop mid sentence to ask me about my hair. leopard_hairWL

Leopard_vgap (5) WLcopyI started out doing a full leopard mani, then freehanded in the brown to represent my hair with the leopard peeking out from behind it. I used OPI Swedish Nude as my base color, black and burnt orange acrylics for the spots and Finger Paints Sketchy Character is the brown.

Leopard_vgap (12) WLcopyI can’t imagine that I’ll ever tire of leopard prints in general.  It truly is my favorite mani and I love rendering people speechless with my unexpected hair.  Now I just need to get my self the pair of leopard TOMS I’ve been eyeballing and I’ll be set.

Leopard French-ish

28 Jan

I’ve been seeing these type of French manicures around a lot lately and I love them! So I decided to do one for myself.Leopard_french_pink_aqua_grey (2) WLcopyFortunately my nails are stained at the moment so I was safe to show off a little naked nail. 🙂 As I often do, I chose my colors from the polishes I already had out. I used OPI Pink Friday for my tips, Color Club Edie for the aqua spots and CND Asphalt is the grey. Leopard_french_pink_aqua_grey (9) WLcopyI topped this off with Chill Zone top coat. I should have used two coats to hide all the ridges in my nail. I don’t do much buffing of my nails and I didn’t use a base coat for this design, so one little coat of top coat over my naked nail didn’t hide imperfections as well as I’d have liked. Oh well. That’s what I get for not using a top coat I guess.

Zebra and Leopard Nails

18 Jan

I pinned this post from Enamel Girl a while back. I was looking through my pins the other day hoping for some inspiration and this jumped out at me.Leopard-Zebra (3) WLcopyShe stamped hers and I’ve never really done a zebra print so I was a little apprehensive. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to do.

Leopard-Zebra (9) WLcopyI love this look! I’ve been doing manis on my right hand for a few days because I can’t bring myself to take this off!

Leopard-Zebra (15) WLcopyI used NYX Girls White for my base, sponged on some Julep Stella on the tips and used black acrylic for the stripes and spots. I topped it off with Chill Zone top coat.

White Leopard

3 Jan

It won’t stop snowing!  Seriously, I’m 100% ready for spring.  The high temperature yesterday was 9°F.  THAT WAS THE HIGH!!!  I didn’t even leave my house.  It was too freaking cold.Leopard_white (2) WLcopyAll the snow and whiteness is what prompted this wintery leopard mani. Leopard_white (16) WLcopyMy base polish was Essie Main Squeeze.  It doesn’t look at all pink in the bottle, but looked like a very natural pink on my nail.  It’s not exactly what I was going for, but I like it anyway.  A happy mistake.
Leopard_white (20) WLcopyMy spots are OPI DS Radiance and OPI Swedish Nude.  I know I do a lot of leopard manis and have mentioned more than once that it’s one of my favorites.  To prove it and show my dedication to all things leopard print, here’s what I had my sister do to my hair over the weekend.leopard_hairWLIsn’t it fun?!  There’s a peek-a-boo panel on both sides of my head that replaced the stripes that were there for the last year.  It took forever, but it was worth it.  I love doing unique things to my hair without going completely crazy.  I’m grateful that I have a sister that can do these kinds of things and is willing to experiment with me.  There’s no way I’d be able to do it otherwise.  I don’t think I would trust anyone else to do something like this to my hair.  I love it!

Red and Silver Leopard

3 Dec

Ahhhhhh…  Last week was so busy.  I’m glad it’s over.  Leopard_red_silver (4) WLcopyI wanted to play with red and silver together.  I’m busting out the holiday colors.  I’m not in love with how this turned out though.  Individually the colors are great and I would probably like them better with another design.  I have to say that I did this quickly, under a bit of a time crunch and I wasn’t all that creative.  Oh well.

Leopard_red_silver (17) WLcopy

My red is China Glaze Velvet Bow, one of my favorites!  The grey stripes are Julep Annette and the silver is OPI DS Radiance.  I’m excited to start in to holiday manis.  I just hope I can think of some fun stuff to do without duplicating last years Christmas manis.  Do you have any fun ones planned?  Any good suggestions for me?

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