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A Classic

9 Nov

I sat down to do my nails and of course the first design I think of is a leopard.  At first I dismissed it because I do so many leopards, but then realized that I haven’t ever really done a classic leopard color combo.

I shouldn’t have waited to long to do this!  I think leopards prints are so fun.  It’s almost a neutral to me.  It goes with just about everything.

I used Julep Stella as my base color.  This is the same color that just the other day I said was the perfect color for corn and now it’s the perfect color for a leopard.  My brown is Finger Paints Sketchy Character and Sally Hansen Black Out.

I find that doing a leopard design with my non-dominant hand seems to make it look a bit more authentic.  My unsteady left hand makes for brilliant irregular black spots.  Leopard is definitely my “go to” design.  What’s your “go to” mani?

Pink Leopard

2 Nov

I did this for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but forgot to post it.  Oops.  So it’s two days late.  No matter.  The sentiment is still the same.

You know how I love my leopard prints.  I’m sure I’ll be doing a fall colored one soon.  Because this is done in all pinks, some of the spots resemble lips to me.  It looks very Valentiney rather than Breast Cancer Awarenessy.

I used OPI Pink Friday for my base color, Sinful Colors Easy Going for the light spots and Milani Pink Hottie for the darker spots.  Now that we’re in to November I’ll be switching my awareness gears and focusing on men’s health.  November (or Movember rather) is men’s health awareness month, specifically prostate and testicular cancers.  Ladies, lets educate ourselves about these issues, so we can educate the men we love and help keep them healthy.

Halloween Leopard

22 Oct

If you haven’t already figured it out, leopard is my go to design.  I love leopard print.

I love mixing different colors for different looks.   Endless possibilities.  This Halloween combo turned out looking quite a bit like an actual leopard print though.  I did this with my non-dominant hand and I think it actually resulted in a more authentic look.

My base color was Wet ‘n Wild Sunny Side Up, the darker orange spots were Sinful Colors Courtney Orange and the black is China Glaze Liquid Leather.

My Kitchen

28 Sep

I’ve been doing a tiny bit of redecorating in my kitchen lately.  Just updating some accessories.  Since the main wall in the kitchen/dining area was matched with Zoya Kristen, I thought it would be appropriate to do a mani based on the colors of my kitchen.

Zoya Kristen is one of those colors that some will say is blue and some will say is grey.  I say blue.  When my husband saw this mani, he said Kristen was grey, but he agrees that our kitchen is blue.  Hmm.  Whatever.  Now, I don’t really have stripes or leopard prints in my kitchen.  I do however have a couple things that are black with white polka dots.

I didn’t notice until well after I was done with this mani that my index and middle fingers together kind of look like an American flag.  Oops.  Totally unintentional.  I don’t have an Americana theme in my kitchen.

I really love red with Zoya Kristen.  It’s a bit of a retro color combination to me.  The red I used here is Julep Molly.  My white is China Glaze White on White and the black is China Glaze Liquid Leather.  I topped it off with Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

What do you think of my kitchen?  What colors do you have in your kitchen?

Chrome Mish Mash

15 Sep

This mani almost seems wintery.  I got the idea for the color combo from a note my Tumblr from user Shopincedarhill in reference to my black and gold mish mash.  Chrome and pearl.

At first I wasn’t sure they would look good together.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I love the color of OPI Swedish Nude, but I don’t use it too often because it’s pretty sheer.  It takes a minimum of three coats for decent coverage.  I paired it up with China Glaze Platinum Silver.

These two are beautiful together.  It’s a very high class, elegant combination.  The mish mash design  dials the formal color scheme back a bit though and lightens the whole feel up.

Because China Glaze Platinum Silver is so shiny and reflective, it was a bit tricky to photograph.  I had a hard time getting any one photo that I was in love with, but still many that are pretty freaking great.

Do you love this chrome and pearl combo as much as I do?

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