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Orly Halley’s Comet

19 Jul

Another beautiful Orly today! This is Halley’s Comet and again comes from their Cosmic FX collection.

This polish came from Beauty Stop Online. I know this is supposed to be a spacey color, but I imagine this is what a mermaid’s tail would look like.  All that bright blue and green goodness just screams sea life to me.  Regardless, it’s amazing!

This is only two coats.  If you are really picky, there might be a hint of visible nail line showing through, but only to the trained eye. 😉  One more coat would have easily taken care of that.  The formula for this polish was great.  It went on very smoothly; always a plus.

• This polish was sent to me for review by Beauty Stop Online.

Orly Space Cadet

12 Jul

Oh my!  I think it’s been a while since I posted this many pictures of any one manicure, but this was just one of those polishes that dazzled me and I couldn’t help myself.  Orly Space Cadet.

When I first saw this polish at Beauty Stop Online I thought it was quite the beauty, but that stock photo had nothing on the actual polish itself. When it arrived in the mail, I took one look at it and couldn’t wait for the chance to try it on.

Space Cadet is from the Orly Cosmic FX line.  They describe it as a “mauvey plum with green and gold undertones.”  My very first thought when I applied the first stroke was that this must be what fairy dust looks like.  Seriously Ladies, it’s that fabulous.  No joke.

I applied it over my naked nail so I could get and show a true representation of what it looks like on.  Although, I’m really curious to see what it looks like over black.  The micro glitter is suspended in a base that looks like it’s a teal color; very subtle, but definitely there.  Enlarge the pictures and you can see the blueish hue at the very tip of my nails.

The color change is phenomenal.  It flashes from a pinkish-purple to a yellowy gold to an almost chartreuse color.  I love how in the picture above, the pink and yellow color change is split just about down the middle of my nails.  It almost looks like two different polishes.  So pretty.

The formula and application was a dream.  Not so thin that it flooded my cuticles or so thick that is was difficult to apply.  Just perfect.  Two coats was all I needed for full coverage.  I’m really impressed with this polish and am absolutely in love with it.  Seriously, if you don’t already have this in your stash, I strongly encourage you to grab it.

•This polish was sent to me for review by Beauty Stop Online.

Braille Nails

30 Dec

These striped polka dots were another sort of Christmas mani I wore in an effort to be festive.  My dad took a good look at it and asked what it was.  I told him it was just polka dots when my sister-in-law chimed in that it was Braille.  Ha ha!  That made me laugh.  She’s quick that one.

This was inspired by a design I saw HERE.  I love the colors they used, but wanted to make it Christmasy.

I used Color Club Reddy or Not and Orly Green Apple.  Just like with most of the designs I do, I really liked this and want to play with other colors.  I wore it for a couple days and it stayed on really well.  I really didn’t have any chipping!  Love when that happens!

Acetone Wash Nails

8 Dec

I guess these aren’t technically acetone wash because I used a non-acetone polish remover to do it.    Whatever you want to call them, I think they’re pretty cool.
I did one good layer of each of my polishes and waited several hours until they were pretty dry.  Then took a cotton swab soaked in non-acetone nail polish remover and started rubbing.  I first saw this technique on Nail Nerd, and thought it was pretty awesome.  It was kinda hard to photograph because it ends up with pits in it so the light hits it a little wonky.  I really like this effect though.  I’ve read of people using nail files rather than nail polish remover to achieve the same effect.  I thought the polish would get a bit gummy and pilly if it wasn’t completely dry if I tried to file it.

The polishes I used for this mani were Orly Terracotta, Sinful Colors Pull Over, Sinful Colors Aquamarine and WnW Buffy the Violet Slayer.  What do you think of the acetone wash look?  Do you think you’ll try it?


6 Dec

I was eating my usual salad for lunch the other day and, there it was, the inspiration for my mani.  Avocado nails.  Silly, I know and a bit of a stretch of the imagination.  Avocado is one of my most favoritest things in the world!  Om, nom, nom.

I used Sinful Colors Nirvana for the pit, Orly Green Apple for the meat and a mix of China Glaze Starboard and Sally Hansen Black Out for the skin.

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