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22 Feb

More spring colors.  I hate that all the Easter candy is out in stores already.  Too much temptation!Checks_brown_purple_green (4) WLcopyThis manicure basically represents what my daughter’s room looks like.  She’s got an accent wall that is painted just like this.  Her colors are a bit softer, but this was the best I could do.  Obviously I freehanded this.  I don’t mind the organic lines.  They’re better than spending hours waiting for polish to dry so I can tape my nails off to do the next color. Checks_brown_purple_green (6) WLcopy

I used Jordana Chiffon and OPI Do You Lilac It and brown and green acrylics.  I topped it off with Chill Zone top coat.  I think I was a little too hasty in my application, because I had a ton of bubbles.  Operator error.


21 Feb

Why haven’t I done a giraffe print before now?Giraffe (2) WLcopyMy yellow is OPI The “It” Color.  It’s my new favorite yellow.  Nice and golden.  The brown is acrylic.

Giraffe (7) WLcopy

Leopard Vgap

18 Feb

This mani is 100% inspired by my hair.  Several weeks ago I showed you that I’d had my sister put leopard panels in my hair.  While I miss the vibrant purple and red of my coon tails, I love how unique the leopard is.  I’ve literally had people stop mid sentence to ask me about my hair. leopard_hairWL

Leopard_vgap (5) WLcopyI started out doing a full leopard mani, then freehanded in the brown to represent my hair with the leopard peeking out from behind it. I used OPI Swedish Nude as my base color, black and burnt orange acrylics for the spots and Finger Paints Sketchy Character is the brown.

Leopard_vgap (12) WLcopyI can’t imagine that I’ll ever tire of leopard prints in general.  It truly is my favorite mani and I love rendering people speechless with my unexpected hair.  Now I just need to get my self the pair of leopard TOMS I’ve been eyeballing and I’ll be set.

Nude Fishtail Braid

25 Jan

I’ve only done a few fishtail braids and each time I get about a third of the way through it and think, “This looks awful,” and almost quit.  It always seems to come together in the end though.FishtailBraid_nude (5) WLcopyI’m not in love with the color choices here.  I wish I’d omitted one of the browns.  I should’ve done either two darks or two lights, not one of each.  Oh well.  I love the holo though.  It’s OPI DS Classic.

FishtailBraid_nude (8) WLcopy

The other two polishes I used were Sinful Colors Nirvana and Jordana Chiffon.  I topped it off with Chill Zone top coat.

Chocolate Mountains

17 Jan

I wish I had more brown cremes to add to this design.  It looks a little fishtail-ish, but I’m calling them mountains instead.ChocolateMountains (13) WLcopyI started out doing this with a striping brush, then decided it was totally doable with the bottle brush. Much easier that way.

ChocolateMountains (20) WLcopyFrom lightest to darkest, my colors were Jordana Chiffon, Julep Vera, Sinful Colors Nirvana, Finger Paints Sketchy Character and Essie Chocolate Cakes.  I topped this off with Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

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