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Neon Broadway

27 Aug

Another neon?  I know, I know.  Neons are hot.  What can I say?

The first time I posted a design like this I mentioned that it reminded me of theater lights.  I had a comment that it looked like Broadway lights and absolutely agreed.  Broadway it is!  For some reason I see traffic lights as well; a little more obscure maybe, but still, traffic lights.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about lots of neon combinations lately so I’ve been trying to get it all out of my system.  I hate to say this, but I really can’t remember which white polish I used for this.  How lame is that?  I’m pretty sure it was Julep Brigitte, but I’m not positive.  The yellow is NYX Girls Bubble Gum.  Purple is Milani Rad Purple.  My pink is NYX Girls Pink Strawberry.  The blue is Milani Fresh Teal and the orange is NYX Girls Hot Orange.

Aside from the dots of course, this is a design that can be done with the bottle brush.  Ooh!  I just thought of another variation of this design.  I’ll file that away for another day. 🙂

Neon Moustaches

24 Aug

Are moustaches still cool?  I think I’m still okay.  I’ve been wanting to do neon moustaches for a while now and just kept putting it off and pushing it further down the “to do” list.  Yesterday I noticed that the leaves on the trees in my backyard are starting to turn already.  That means autumn is almost here so I’d better get all my neon manis done.

I originally planned to do white nails with neon moustaches, but I’m glad I changed my mind.  I’m loving the neon skittles with the white staches.

My white moustaches are acrylic.  The blue is Sinful Colors Savage.  My pink is NYX Girls Pink Strawberry.  The green is NYX Girls Pimp My Nails.  The orange is another NYX Girls, Hot Orange and the purple is Milani Rad Purple.  Pimp My Nail is actually a bit of a jelly.  I didn’t realize that until I was doing coat after coat and still seeing VNL.  Maybe I’ll do some syrup nails with it.

I moustache you a question?  😉  How do you like my neon staches?

Neon Bursts

9 Aug

I can’t get enough neons lately.  I just keep thinking of more and more designs I want to do with them.

Maybe because it’s so freaking hot pretty much across the entire United States right now.  Neons just seem appropriate.  I used my NYX Girls White, NYX Girls Pink Strawberry, NYX Girls Bubble Gum and NYX Girls Hot Orange.  Then Milani Rad Purple and Milani Fresh Teal.  I love all of these colors together!

A thin striping brush makes this design really easy to pull off.  You want it to look sort of messy, so it’s a hard one to get wrong.

Neon Waves

2 Aug

I really have no idea where this idea came from.  I was cleaning up after breakfast this morning and was thinking about what to do on my nails and this is what popped in to my head.  Out of nowhere.  Neon waves.

Or neon soft serve ice cream cones, or maybe even neon Superman curls.  All of those possibilities have crossed my mind.  This is such a simple design, but I am completely in love with it!  It’s so young and summery.  Perfect for a hot day in August.

I started with NYX Girls White.  This is a very thin, milky formula, so it took three coats to look good enough to move on to my waves.  My thumb is NYX Girls Bubble Gum.  Yes, that highlighter yellow is called Bubble Gum.  Odd, I know.  The purple is Milani Rad Purple, a neon purple jelly.  The orange is NYX Girls Hot Orange.  The green is NYX Girls Pimp My Nail and the pink, you guessed it, is NYX Girls Pink Strawberry.  I was at my local mall a while back and saw a store that sold lots of NYX polishes, so I grabbed all the neon ones I could see.

I used one of my small detail brushes, drew the outline, then tried to stay in the lines.  This really makes me feel young.  It looks like something any teenage girl nowadays would be wearing on her nails.  I hope I’m not too old to pull it off. 😉

Twinsie Tuesday: Pastel & Neon Halfmoons

12 Jun

Today we’re doing pastel and neon half moons.  I started with one color combination and it was horrid.  I’m not even going to tell you what it was.  Horrid.  On top of awful color choices, I was struggling to keep my lines clean for some reason.  I don’t know what my problem was.  Frustrating.

Then I remembered THIS mani that I pinned a while back.  Yehaw!  No leakage issues with this striped half moon method.  I love the creative take on this half moon design.

Of course once I decided on the design, I had to re-evaluate my colors.  I went with Jordana Mint Candy as my pastel and Milani Rad Purple for my neon.  I know, it doesn’t really look neon.  If the bottle didn’t say it was a neon color, I wouldn’t call it neon.

I might do all my half moons like this in the future.  I like the creative twist and it was so easy to do!

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