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Twinsie Tuesday: Copycat Take 2

5 Mar

A while back we did a copycat theme week. Today is take two.

SaranWrap_gradient (4) WLcopyI was given Chelsea’s Nailed Blog to find my inspiration this week. I chose to do her Saran Wrap Mani.

SaranWrap_gradient (7) WLcopyOf course I had to put my own twist on it and try it as a gradient. After doing my base color of CND Asphalt, I painted half of my nail with OPI Do You Lilac It and the other half with Sinful Colors Innocent. Then went to town with my Saran Wrap. It made for a cool effect. What do you think of this Saran wrap gradient?

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Leopard French-ish

28 Jan

I’ve been seeing these type of French manicures around a lot lately and I love them! So I decided to do one for myself.Leopard_french_pink_aqua_grey (2) WLcopyFortunately my nails are stained at the moment so I was safe to show off a little naked nail. 🙂 As I often do, I chose my colors from the polishes I already had out. I used OPI Pink Friday for my tips, Color Club Edie for the aqua spots and CND Asphalt is the grey. Leopard_french_pink_aqua_grey (9) WLcopyI topped this off with Chill Zone top coat. I should have used two coats to hide all the ridges in my nail. I don’t do much buffing of my nails and I didn’t use a base coat for this design, so one little coat of top coat over my naked nail didn’t hide imperfections as well as I’d have liked. Oh well. That’s what I get for not using a top coat I guess.

Birthday Bunting

24 Jan

Just a quickie today. I wanted to do a mani on my right hand that matched the Spun Sugar Birthday Candles I was sporting on my left hand.Bunting (11) WLcopyFreehanded (with my non-dominant hand) bunting. I’ve always thought bunting nails were cute and festive.  I used some of the same polishes as my candles.  Essie Power Clutch was my base, the yellow is Sinful Colors Pull Over and my flags are OPI Do You Lilac It, Milani Pink Hottie and Zoya Mitzi.

Spun Sugar Birthday Candles

23 Jan

It’s my birthday!!  Yahoo!!  Hubs is taking me out for a night on the town (so to speak.)  SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (10) WLcopyI know I did birthday candles last year, but nothing says birthday to me like birthday candles.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (12) WLcopyTo kick them up a notch this time, I did them spun sugar style. Doing the spun sugar technique vertically was more of a challenge than horizontally. The strings just didn’t want to stick to my nail as much.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (14) WLcopyI love the melted wax look that resulted. They look very abstract. Love ’em! I used Essie Power Clutch as my base. My candles were done with OPI Do You Lilac It, Zoya Robyn, Milani Pink Hottie, and Zoya Mitzi. My flames are Sinful Color Pull Over and Jordana Orangesicle. I finished this off with Chill Zone top coat.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (19) WLcopyWhat do you think of this take on spun sugar?

Paper Snowflakes

14 Jan

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can cut a pretty mean paper snowflake.  I learned how when I was nine or ten, so I’ve had years of practice.  I was looking at the ones I’d cut to hang in my front window one day and thought I’d try to duplicate them on my nails.Snowflakes (2) WLcopyI pulled three of my favorites off the window and hung them in front of me while I was working.  I only did three because I wasn’t ambitious enough to try five different designs. 🙂  So my pinkie and thumb just got a little doilie-ish design.

Snowflakes (5) WLcopyI used CND Asphalt as my base color and white acrylics for the snowflakes.  These were super intricate designs and I flubbed them up a couple times.  I was glad I was using acrylics so I could wipe it away and start over without ruining the polish underneath.  I think my index finger if my favorite translated on my nail.

DSC08100 WLcopy

Here are the actual snowflakes in the same order they are on my nails.  Which is your favorite?

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