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Spun Sugar Birthday Candles

23 Jan

It’s my birthday!!  Yahoo!!  Hubs is taking me out for a night on the town (so to speak.)  SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (10) WLcopyI know I did birthday candles last year, but nothing says birthday to me like birthday candles.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (12) WLcopyTo kick them up a notch this time, I did them spun sugar style. Doing the spun sugar technique vertically was more of a challenge than horizontally. The strings just didn’t want to stick to my nail as much.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (14) WLcopyI love the melted wax look that resulted. They look very abstract. Love ’em! I used Essie Power Clutch as my base. My candles were done with OPI Do You Lilac It, Zoya Robyn, Milani Pink Hottie, and Zoya Mitzi. My flames are Sinful Color Pull Over and Jordana Orangesicle. I finished this off with Chill Zone top coat.

SpunSugar_birthdaycandles (19) WLcopyWhat do you think of this take on spun sugar?

Independence Day Mish Mash Mani

4 Jul

Let Freedom Ring! Happy Independence Day to all my USA readers out there!  I’ll try to keep it short as I’m sure you all have plenty of celebrating to do.

So that my hands would match for my holiday celebrating, I did a red, white and blue themed mish mash on my right hand as well.  This one didn’t come together quite as easily being that I was doing it all with my non-dominant hand.  I’m still very happy with how it turned out.

My thumb is Color Club Reddy or Not, Sally Hansen White On and China Glaze Dorothy Who?.  The design is pretty self explanatory, although, it turned out looking a bit like eyeballs, which was not intentional.  Oh well.  My index finger is OPI DS Magic with red and silver striping tape.  The white striping tape was a bit transparent and didn’t really show up.

My middle finger is Color Club Reddy or Not, Sally Hansen Snow Blast Crackle and Jordana Smooth Blue.  Evidently this design has been coined a “fishtail.”  My ring finger is simply China Glaze Dorothy Who?.  It’s so beautiful all on it’s own, I decided not to add anything to it.

My pinkie is, again, Color Club Reddy or Not with Sally Hansen White On in a polish string art design.  This is such a fun technique.  Be sure to try it out if you haven’t already.  Each nail was finished off with a coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast then Jordana Quick Shine.  There you have it ladies!  For those of you that are celebrating today, have a wonderful and safe 4th!  For those of you outside the USA, have a fantastic Wednesday!

Nail Polish String Art

21 Jun

I’ve seen this technique done a time or two, but haven’t really found a name for it.  I’ve decided to call it string art, at least until I hear otherwise.  I first saw this technique done by The Polish Well.  Again, this was one of those manis that boggled my mind.  It’s not too difficult, but pretty time consuming.

Basically you drop some polish on to a piece of paper or something, let it sit until it starts to get gloppy and stringy, then start stringing it across your nails.  It takes a long time!  But the result is pretty freaking cool.

The first three pictures are with no top coat.  I preferred it with no top coat, but knew that it would take forever to dry and wanted to protect it.

This last picture is with top coat.  I first tried Jordana Quick Shine top coat on my pinkie and didn’t like the way it made the design look.  That top coat is so thick (very similar to Seche Vite) that I feel like it made the design look blurry.  For the rest of my nails I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast top coat.  It’s much thinner, which let more of the texture and dimension of the design show through.  I love the end result of this string art technique.  I for sure want to try it again and maybe see if I can make it work without a top coat.

For this manicure I used Sally Hansen White On, Orly Green Apple, Revlon Peachy and China Glaze For Audrey.

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