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No Clean Up Splatter

28 Feb

Doing a traditional straw splatter can not only be super messy, but can waste a lot of polish.  Why not paint it on?Splatter (8) WLcopyI know, this looks totally different from a straw splatter.  This is a little more cartoonish.  I’ve actually done a mani very similar to this before.  I must have liked it to almost duplicate it.

Splatter (12) WLcopyMy base polish is one I just picked up; China Glaze Moonlight.  It’s pretty sheer and needed a good three coats to get decent opacity.  I love the color though.  It’s a very muted soft white.  Really, it is the color of the moon.  The other colors are acrylics.

Splatter (15) WLcopy

Movember Moustache Monday

26 Nov

Last installment of Moustache Monday, until next year anyway.  This one’s a little crazy.  A zombie with a moustache?  Yeah, a little crazy.  Who watches The Walking Dead?  That show is definitely what inspired today’s moustache mani.  Each episode gets more and more intense.  I think I actually held my breath through an entire scene last night. 

I can’t say that I ever recall noticing a walker with a moustache on the show, but I thought it would be fun to try.  Although my husband thought the moustache was blood around the mouth.  🙂

I played with a little splatter to compliment my zombie stache.  My splatter is done in Jordana Chiffon, Sally Hansen Wet Cement and Julep Alma.  Zombie’s face is a combination of the colors I already mentioned, Sally Hansen Black Out, Julep Annette, Julep Molly, and Essie Alligator Purse.  I topped it all off with Chill Zone top coat.

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Spray Painted

25 Jul

I fell in love with this mani when I saw it and filed it away in my “To Do” list.  I finally decided to try it out.This was the post I based my mani off of.  Really, I essentially copied it.  My colors are slightly different, but not that much.  And mine has a bit more of a splatter look to it rather than a drippy look like theirs.

This was really easy to do too.  I’ll spare you the play by play.  You can read through their tutorial if you want to do it yourself. 🙂  I started with a base color of Jordana Chiffon.  My blue is Sinful Colors Savage.  The red/orange is Orly Terracotta.  The silver is China Glaze Platinum Silver and my black is China Glaze Liquid Leather.

I topped it off with a quick coat of Cult Nails Wicked Fast then finished it with Jordana Quick Shine top coat.  I love designs like this that are intentionally imperfect.  You don’t have to worry about a line being perfect or something smearing when you apply your top coat.  I did have some smearage her (because I bumped my finger while the top coat was wet), but you really can’t even tell where it is because of the drippy design; blends right in.  I’m really happy with this one and love the colors together.

Brown, Blue and Gold Splatter

9 Jul

In an effort to make my hands somewhat match, I wanted to put Essie Chocolate Cakes on my right hand as well as my left.  Chocolate Cakes is such a warm brown, it’s almost red.  It’s like a Devil’s Food cake with maybe a pinch of Red Velvet mixed in.  Gorgeous.

I picked up Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint (almost a dead dupe for China Glaze For Audrey) the other day and thought it would look fantastic over Chocolate Cakes.

For an accent, I thought, you can’t really go wrong with a beautiful, shimmery gold polish.  So I added Sinful Colors This Is It.  I like to think of this polish as my Michael Jackson polish.  He loved extravagant things (gold) and the tour he was getting ready to do when he died was called “This Is It.”  I have no idea if the creators behind this Sinful Colors polish had MJ in mind when they made this beauty, but this is the story I’m going to go with.

I’ve been trying not to use pure acetone when I do clean up after a messy mani like this one.  It’s just so drying!  As a result, this mani took forever to clean up!  I was using an acetone based remover, but it may as well have been non-acetone.  At least I didn’t use a dark color for the splatters.  That would’ve made it a lot worse.

I love these colors together and love the randomness of a splatter design.

Calico Splatter

16 May

I was looking for inspiration the other day.  You can get ideas from pretty much anything.  My inspiration for this mani was my cat.  She is a pest most of the time, but she sure is cute.  Seriously, she is one of the sweetest looking cats I’ve ever seen, but don’t let her fool you.  She doesn’t shy away from a fight.  Just last week she scratched and bit the neighbor kid when he crawled under our car after her.  Poor kid.

She is a calico and for this design, I mimicked her colors.  I haven’t done a splatter for a while.  I probably should’ve taped off my fingers.  I forgot how messy they get.  I found this to be harder to clean up than a water marble.

I started with a white base, just like kitty.  Then with my straw, splatted on China Glaze Liquid Leather.  To get my butterscotchy orange color, I mixed four different polishes; two oranges and two browns.  I added some Sinful Colors Snow me White, then went through with the black again.  I think the black  was the reason clean up was such a pain.  Getting black polish out of your cuticles can be difficult.

I wasn’t in love with this manicure until I put a top coat on it.  A glossy top coat can make all the difference in the world.  I’m loving this one and might just wear it for a few days.

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