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Pink Leopard

2 Nov

I did this for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but forgot to post it.  Oops.  So it’s two days late.  No matter.  The sentiment is still the same.

You know how I love my leopard prints.  I’m sure I’ll be doing a fall colored one soon.  Because this is done in all pinks, some of the spots resemble lips to me.  It looks very Valentiney rather than Breast Cancer Awarenessy.

I used OPI Pink Friday for my base color, Sinful Colors Easy Going for the light spots and Milani Pink Hottie for the darker spots.  Now that we’re in to November I’ll be switching my awareness gears and focusing on men’s health.  November (or Movember rather) is men’s health awareness month, specifically prostate and testicular cancers.  Ladies, lets educate ourselves about these issues, so we can educate the men we love and help keep them healthy.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Argyle

17 Oct

I love argyle patterns, especially on my nails.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one and I thought an all pink one for Breast Cancer Awareness month would be appropriate.

I started with a base color of OPI Pink Friday.  On my pinkie, middle and index fingers I added the hourglass shape with Sinful Colors Easy Going and stitching with Milani Pink Hottie.  On my thumb and ring finger I did a diamond out of Milani Pink Hottie and stitching with Sinful Colors Easy Going.  I finished it off with two coats of Hong Kong Girl Top Coat.

Argyle patterns are pretty easy to do.  I did a picture tutorial a while back; you can find  it here.  You can also check out my other argyle designs here.

To me, argyle is one of those patterns that can mold itself in to anyone’s personal style.  Whether you are super sophisticated and classy, baggy and grungy or somewhere in the middle, you can pull off an argyle sweater or socks.  I love fun socks by the way.  Too bad I hardly ever wear socks.  I’m a mostly barefoot kind of girl.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fishtail Braid

10 Oct

While I have more Halloween themed manis to show you, I thought I’d take a pause from the ghosts and goblins in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I pulled out a bunch of my pink polishes and went to work. I got about a third of the way through this and just about bagged it. I didn’t think the colors were coming together very well. Soft pinks always require multiple coats to be opaque, so the fact that some of my stripes are somewhat see through bothered me. I would have taken it right off if the polish on my other hand hadn’t been wet. I’m glad I waited because after thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to see it through to the end and I’m happy with the results.

My darkest pink is Sally Hansen Hypnotic Pink, which I’ve had since I was in my early teens I believe. That’s a long time. The lightest is Sinful Colors Easy Going and the two middle of the roads are OPI Pink Friday and Milani Pink Hottie.

Do you plan to do any BCA designs? Do you do your monthly self checks? I’m more of a semi-annual self checker myself. I need to be better about it.

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