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The Mummy Returns

11 Oct

The mummy returns!  I haven’t seen the movie, but it made me laugh anyway.  My mummy was one of my favorites last year so I decided to try it again.

2012’s mummy is slightly different than 2011’2 mummy, but you can tell they’re related.  Last time, I added the eyeballs after the fact, this year I did them before the striping.  I think doing them before makes them look like they are actually peeking out from behind the wrapped cloth.  I think my photos are markedly improved as well. 😉

For my mummy’s underbelly, I used Color Club Nouveau Vintage.  Can I just tell you, I have to look up how to spell nouveau every time I do a post using this polish.  I struggle with that word.  Anyway, my black stripe and the white stripes were done using nail art polishes (you know, the ones that come with the tiny little brushes already) and for my eyes I used whatever black and white polishes I had in reach.  I also did this with my left hand so I’m extraordinarily happy with the results being that it was done with my non-dominant hand.  Really, really easy design people.  Even those nail art virgins or fraidy cats out there could pull this off.  Give it a go!

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