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Scaled Christmas Tree

19 Dec

I think this is probably the easiest Christmas tree there is.  I should have taken a picture before I added the red ornaments and silver star.  Seriously, so simple.Scales_Christmas_Tree (8) WLcopy

I started with a base of Julep Sarah.  Then I collected pretty much all of my green polishes, arranged them randomly on my counter and started building my trees, one “scale” at a time.

Scales_Christmas_Tree (11) WLcopy

I’m not going to catalog all of the greens because there were like sixteen of them spread out in front of me.  Each nail is different because I started with a different polish each time.  My stars are OPI DS Radiance and the ornaments are Sinful Colors GoGo Girl.  I topped it off with two coats of Chill Zone top coat.

Festive Scales

5 Dec

I love this scale design.  The fact that it’s easy to do  definitely wins it points.Scales_Christmas (9) WLcopyI’d been itching to use Zoya Gemma again and decided to put a holiday spin on it.  I used pinks instead of red.  It updates the look a little.  A bit more contemporary as opposed to the traditional color scheme.
Scales_Christmas (11) WLcopy

My greens were Zoya Gemma, China Glaze Starboard and Orly Green Apple.  The pinks are Zoya Lola and Sally Hansen Berry Tantalizing Creme.  I topped this off with Chill Zone top coat.

Halloween Scales

15 Oct

The fall scales I did recently were so easy and I loved them, so I did the same design with Halloween colors.

I love the end result, but it was actually kind of a pain to make it work.  Layering yellows and white over orange and black wasn’t easy.  I had to do double coats of some of them which resulted in these being layered up pretty thick.

I wanted to use more of the metallic finishes, but they were just too sheer so I bagged them.  I love the shimmer they add to the look.

The polishes I used for this mani are: Julep Brigitte, Julep Nessa, Julep Ashley, Julep Brandt, Sinful Color Pull Over and Jordana Orangesicle.

Fall Scales

4 Oct

This is supposed to look like scales; like a mermaid tail.  Because of the fall colors I’ve chosen, all I an see are turkey feathers.

I’m super duper happy with this look and even happier that it was so easy!  All bottle brushes folks.  No nail art tools required.  I left a little naked nail showing near the cuticle.  I little peep show if you will. 😉

Many colors when in to this design.  I had three brown shades: Jordana Chiffon (the lightest), Sinful Colors Nirvana (medium brown) and Essie Chocolate Cakes (dark, reddish brown).  The orangey looking color is actually China Glaze Peachy Keen, but in the photographs it translates more as a golden yellow.  The green is Popova of the new Trina Turk line from Julep.  The blue Color Club Gossip Column.  Topped it off with the tried and true Jordana Quick Shine top coat.  The possibilities are endless with this design.  You can do as many different manis as you can think up color combinations.  I’ve already got a couple more in mind.  Love it!

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