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Indian Corn

7 Nov

I wanted to do something fall-ish today so I just started gathering fall colored polishes and Indian corn was born.  Flint corn is the more politically correct term, but it’s also known as calico corn (in case you wanted to know.)

I did a pretty good job, no?  I really love how these turned out.  The red and black variety in the picture reminds me of a snake for some reason although the more I look at it the more I see pomegranate seeds.  Mmm… yum.  Pomegranates are another great thing about fall.

Julep Stella is pretty much the exact same color as corn.  I chose to get Stella because I didn’t have a yellow that color.  Good thing I did or I never would have thought to do this amazing mani. 😉

As I said, Julep Stella was my base color.  The orange is Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, the light shimmery brown is Cult Nails Power Thief and the dark brown is Essie Chocolate Cakes (which has a strong red undertone.)

I just used the bottle brushes for this design and randomly blobbed the spots on in rows.  You know how much I love not needing any tools!  What do you think of my Indian/flint/calico corn?  Does it say fall to you?  Have you ever eaten Indian corn?  I really didn’t know it was edible until I read it on Wikipedia.

Autumn Leaves

3 Nov

Yellow, orange, red and brown fall colors gradient.


28 Sep

This is my fall water marble.  It chipped something fierce, so it was short lived.

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