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Scaled Christmas Tree

19 Dec

I think this is probably the easiest Christmas tree there is.  I should have taken a picture before I added the red ornaments and silver star.  Seriously, so simple.Scales_Christmas_Tree (8) WLcopy

I started with a base of Julep Sarah.  Then I collected pretty much all of my green polishes, arranged them randomly on my counter and started building my trees, one “scale” at a time.

Scales_Christmas_Tree (11) WLcopy

I’m not going to catalog all of the greens because there were like sixteen of them spread out in front of me.  Each nail is different because I started with a different polish each time.  My stars are OPI DS Radiance and the ornaments are Sinful Colors GoGo Girl.  I topped it off with two coats of Chill Zone top coat.

Reindeer 2.0

17 Dec

I wanted to try my hand at Rudolph and his buddies again. I like 2012’s version much better than 2011’s version.Reindeer2.0 (8) WLcopyThis year I actually remembered to do only one Rudolph.  Last year I got carried away with the red polish and before I knew it they all had red noses.  I actually did the brown noses first this time to avoid the same mistake.

I used two different browns to make a bit of a two toned face for my reindeer.  I started with Sinful Colors Nirvana the polished a smaller panel of Julep Vera which is a lighter brown.  I went with brown noses as opposed to black to soften the look a little.  My brown noses are Essie Chocolate Cakes.  Rudolph’s nose is Sinful Colors GoGo Girl with some Barry M Red Glitter over the top.  The black I used was Sally Hansen Black Out and the white was Sally Hansen White On.  The gold antlers is a metallic acrylic.  I topped this design off with Chill Zone top coat.

Reindeer2.0 (9) WLcopy

You know you’ve succeeded in creating a recognizable design when two and three year olds can tell what it’s supposed to be.  What do you think?  Do you like last year’s version or this year’s better?

Christmas Snakeskin

14 Dec

You don’t associate snakes with Christmas?  Seriously?  Just kidding.  I know, it really wasn’t that funny.  I don’t know why I don’t do this snake skin-ish print more often. It’s so easy, yet so eye catching!Christmas_snakeskin (11) WLcopy

My middle finger got a little flubbed up, but the rest of them look pretty awesome.  It’s hard to see, but I actually alternated the sponged colors.  For instance, on my pinkie I sponged on green, then red “scales” while on my ring finger I sponged on red then green “scales.”  I don’t know that it really makes a difference.  The hardest thing about this mani is waiting for your base color and/or sponged on color to dry enough that you can stretch the lace over it without it sticking.  I had a slight problem with that on my middle finger.  That and I had a bit too much polish on my sponge so it bled under the lace.  I love it regardless.

Christmas_snakeskin (13) WLcopy

For this design I used Sally Hansen White On, Kleancolor Green Grass and Sinful Color GoGo Girl.  You can check out the tutorial I did for this design over on Julep’s blog, here.

Do you think the Christmas snake works?  It’s not exactly warm and cuddly, but still festive, right? 🙂

Christmas Feathers

13 Dec

Moral of this story?  Don’t try a feather mani with my left hand.  Cutting off the excess feather with my left hand (using right handed scissors nonetheless) didn’t end well.Christmas_feathers (13) WLcopyI think this could have been pretty amazing, but I’m just not happy with it.  In fact, I was so unhappy that as soon as the pictures were taken, off it came.  I did a very similar mani way back in February, Feather Skittles, and loved it.  I’ve been wanting to play with feathers again ever since, but just hadn’t gotten around to doing it.

Using my non-dominant hand was my first mistake.  My second mistake was using red feathers over green polish.  The red feathers are too dark to really see the green underneath.  I think the green feathers would have allowed red polish to show through more had I done the opposite.  Another lesson learned.

Christmas_feathers (17) WLcopy

Not that you can really see it, but under those feathers is a white and green Nailside cloud done with China Glaze White on White and Sinful Colors Happy Ending.  I used a variety of top coats in order to stick the feather on, then seal it and achieve a smooth finish.  My final coat was Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

According to me, this was a feather failure.  Do you concur?

Christmas Polka Dot Border

12 Dec

I had fantastic plans for today’s mani, but kept screwing up the execution.  I hate it when that happens!  When I finally gave up and took it off I was about out of time so I had to do something quick to make up for all the time I’d wasted.Border_polkadots_Christmas (3) WLcopyI used all the same colors, but this design is much simpler and didn’t require any tape.  Tape is not my friend lately.
Border_polkadots_Christmas (7) WLcopyIt looks pretty red, but my base color is actually a deep, vibrant pink. It’s Sally Hansen Berry Tantalizing Creme. I’ve had it for years. It’s a beautiful color and goes on super smooth. My polka dots are Sally Hansen White On and Kleancolor Green Grass.

Border_polkadots_Christmas (8) WLcopy

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