Neon Bursts

9 Aug

I can’t get enough neons lately.  I just keep thinking of more and more designs I want to do with them.

Maybe because it’s so freaking hot pretty much across the entire United States right now.  Neons just seem appropriate.  I used my NYX Girls White, NYX Girls Pink Strawberry, NYX Girls Bubble Gum and NYX Girls Hot Orange.  Then Milani Rad Purple and Milani Fresh Teal.  I love all of these colors together!

A thin striping brush makes this design really easy to pull off.  You want it to look sort of messy, so it’s a hard one to get wrong.


One Response to “Neon Bursts”

  1. MariJo August 9, 2012 at 6:21 am #

    Really cute and fun! I like it ;0)

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