On the 3rd Day of Christmas…Snowflake

15 Dec

My true love gave to me three French hens.  Have you ever noticed that half of that song is about birds?  Partridges, turtle doves and geese a laying.  Are birds really that Christmasy?

I tried a snowflake manicure that was with non-traditional colors and it looked funny.  I didn’t like it, so I started over.  This second attempt is much better.

I used some “mood” color changing polish I picked up at Icing.  I’m a little disappointed in this polish.  On the bottle it shows the color change goes from a light blue to a bright purple.  I thought, if that works it’s going to be the easiest gradient I’ve ever done.  It was too good to be true, however, it is a pretty color with a satin finish.

The above picture shows a bit of the color change.  Notice it’s brighter near my cuticle and darker at the tip of my nail.  Below is what it looked like cold.  I ran my hand under cold water for a minute and the polish turned dark blue.  I never saw any purple.

This picture is mostly warm and below we’ve got a gradient effect.  I wish it looked like this all the time.  I love this faded look.  It’s very appropriate for a snowy manicure.  I finished off my snowflake with a big, fat dot of silver holo glitter right in the middle.

What’s your Christmas manicure today?


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  1. prettyclaws December 15, 2011 at 9:16 am #

    Wow so pretty! Mood color polish really works in this one 😀

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