Gobble Gobble

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish my turkey drawing skills were this awesome, but this is a water decal.  Years ago I used decals all the time.  I have a stash I should pull out and use more often.  I picked up these Thanksgiving themed decals at one of my locally owned beauty supply stores.  The pack was $1.99.  When I got home I saw the price tag was covering another price tag.  I pulled it off and saw a tag for $7.99.  Wow; that had been hanging on their rack for a few years I guess.  I was happy to take it off their hands for a fraction of the price.  For the striped gradient I used Jordana Chiffon, Sinful Colors Nirvana and Finger Paints Sketchy Character.  The glitter is Color Club Art Club silver holographic glitter.

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