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23 Nov

Good morning everyone!  Today’s Share the Love guest poster is Chelsea from Nailed: A Nail Polish Blog.  Welcome to Top Coat It, Chelsea!

Hi everybody! Thank you Rachel for hosting me! 🙂 Rachel has done some great nail art posts on her blog but I am unfortunately not so gifted in the artistic department, so a beautiful creme will just have to suffice for my guest post!

My Lifesaver is one of the many, many cousins of the famous China Glaze For Audrey. It seems as if every other company has their own version of this polish-and yet I own several of them because I think this color is just too pretty. Compared to For Audrey, My Lifesaver is a touch more green, but they are definitely still within the same family. It isn’t quite as blue as my camera captured it.

My Lifesaver went on in two silky smooth coats. This polish has the “Perfect Stroke” brush, which I  know many lacquerheads are very divided on. Personally I don’t care for it but I’m getting used to it and application was still a breeze. However, the new NOPI holiday glitters and Kardashian polishes seem to have done away with the Perfect Stroke.

My Lifesaver may not be the most unique shade out there, but I seriously fall in love with all of these For Audrey near-dupes, even though I have the original For Audrey. I dunno what it is, but something about them just calls to me. I think they’re flattering on a huge variety of skintones as well-and no lobster hands on me, which is always a plus!

On a personal sidenote, this particular polish came out with the Justin Bieber Collection and for a long time the association with the Biebs was enough to keep me away from the collection. (I’m sorry if any of you out there like him, I just… I can’t.) But my local Meijer always had truckloads of the Bieber polishes and I kept noticing how much I actually liked some of the colors. So finally I caved and bouht two: this and Me + Blue. NOPI also got me to shell out some money for three of the Kardashian polishes, so clearly I am willing to compromise my principles in exchange for pretty things. 🙂

Thanks Chelsea!

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